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2019 / Life Science Design / Safety Designs_LS / Student

Immobilization equipment

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Lead Designer
    Carlos Alberto Chaveznava Treviño.
  • Design Team
    Karen Paola Santaella Sosa, Mariana Margarita Lara Díaz, José Antonio Sepúlveda Velázquez, Paulina Guerra Castro, Alexis Ruiz Serhan.
  • University
    Universidad de Monterrey

Rethinking the design of paramedical equipment for car accidents.
Statistics show that traffic collisions are among the most common type of accidents; time between injury and hospitalization is crucial.
By analyzing the equipment used in rescue; the rigid board, collar and immobilizer vest were redesigned. The result was that the rigid board was presented as an extensible product, the collar was transformed into a cephalic-cervical immobilizer and the extraction vest changed its morphology for the lumbar area. Thus improving and reducing the time and maneuvers to remove the injured person.

Photo Credit: Carlos Alberto Chaveznava Treviño.