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2019 / Life Science Design / Physical therapy and therapy products / Student

Liite: Modular Recovery

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Life Science Design/Physical therapy and therapy products
  • Lead Designer
    Michael Bridgers
  • Design Team
    Michael Bridgers, Erin Morris
  • Project Link
  • University
    Auburn University

Each day, 115 people die from opiate overdose. Addiction recovery is prohibitively expensive and carries a heavy social stigma, but Liite aims to change that by taking the best features of expensive inpatient recovery and making them more accessible to everyone. The system consists of a modular device and an app, the device to be used by the patient and the app to be used by their caregivers. The device tracks withdrawal symptoms in the patient, and reports all information to their caregivers via the app, so that they are better equipped to provide an individualized recovery experience.

Photo Credit: Michael Bridgers