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2019 / Life Science Design / Physical therapy and therapy products / Student


  • Prizes
    Silver in Life Science Design/Physical therapy and therapy products
  • Lead Designer
    Hanju Seo
  • University
    Korea Polytechnic University

'Hormongraphy' is an outdoor lounge chair used by people with problems of irregular life, overwork, and overuses of electronic devices. 'Hormongraphy' aims to correct deficiencies of Serotonin, also known as 'happy hormone', and maintain sitter’s biorhythm by design elements, such as ‘tactile bumps’ on the backrest and ‘back wraps’ for the upper back. As the function of ‘Hormongraphy’ is based on Eastern Asian medical ideas, the chair aims to regenerate the sitter’s biorhythm by using it routinely. By sitting in the 'Hormongraphy', it helps modern man to relieve the fatigue of daily lives.

Photo Credit: Hanju Seo