2019 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery / Student

Dröp. Non-invasive treatment for diabetes.

  • Prizes
    Platinum in Industrial and Life Science Design/Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • Lead Designer
    Paula Terra Bosch
  • Project Link
  • University
    Eina, Centre Universitari De Disseny I Art De Barcelona. Attached to The UAB.

Dröp is a medical solution enables users to manage and simplify the treatment of diabetes in a straightforward, pleasant and user-friendly way. The system reduces and optimises the procedures and devices needed to follow the right treatment in a non-invasive manner.
The proposal aims to create a better user experience through four main areas:1.simple interaction and easily interpretable data; 2.monitoring of glucose and administration of insulin through non-invasive systems.3.reduction of the necessary equipment to follow the treatment;4. llinking, connection and communication between users.

Paula is a young designer of industrial product and graphic design in Barcelona. His passion for different design areas allows him to combine different sensitivities and skills in his projects, with the aim of innovating and developing new projects.

Photo Credit: Paula Terra Bosch