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2019 / Design For Society / Design for Elders / Student

ROMO, pinball rehabilitation

  • Prizes
    Silver in Design for Society/Design for Elders
  • Lead Designer
    Jia Jun Leung
  • Design Team
    Jia Jun Leung
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Leung Jia Jun
  • University
    National University of Singapore

Summary :
Romo is a shoulder gaming device designed for stroke rehabilitation. In contrast to traditional methods, Romo changes the repetitive nature of these exercises into an engaging pinball game. It consists of 3 parts, a ball catcher, a transport maze and a tray. This portable gaming device also allows patients to exercise on the go.

ROMO will continue to be a good companion when they are frustrated, and also support them to progress.
Instead of the traditional way, this device allow them to exercise and see the ball rolls down to a goal post, encouraging them to do another rep

Photo Credit: Jia Jun Leung
Credits: Leung Jia Jun