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2019 / Children Products / Children Products / Student

Kale cutters

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Children Products/Children Products, Silver in Education/Toys for pre-school learning
  • Lead Designer
    Yaxuan Zhang
  • Design Team
    Guidance teacher:Feng Ye Others Member: JiaQi Liang ;Dan Zhu
  • University
    Communication University of Zhejiang

The paper is pressed by KALE's paper cutter to obtain a piece of paper can be rendered in 2D-2.5D-3D by means of collage, origami, patching and stacking. Paper color and material can be freely matched by children, so this will give children more space for innovation. And the preschool children gradually cultivated the ability of movement, cognition, cognition, language and innovation while playing and learning.
KALE's paper cutters also have its own picture books, and the children can create according to the dotted frame suggested inside the book.The book can be repeated for collage creation.

Photo Credit: Yaxuan Zhang