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2019 / Lifestyle And Travel / Luxury Goods / Professional

RIM Scuba

  • Prizes
    Gold in Lifestyle and Travel/Luxury Goods
  • Company
    MazzucatoDesign, Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Simone Mazzucato
  • Project Link

Mazzucato latest line extension brings the RIM concept (Reverse Industrial Movement) to the sea with new models and stunning seafaring inspired design.
RIM Scuba main face features an automatic Swiss Made movement and is designed after a submarine propeller. The secondary face features a pressure and depth gauge, based on a Japan made quartz movement.
Our goal was to maintain the RIM personality intact, including the double-function reversible feature, while at the same time departing from the 'sport' concept and exploring the seafaring universe for a true Never Boring experience.

Photo Credit: Mazzucatodesign