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2019 / Illumination / Full Spectrum Lamps / Professional

The closest LED light to the real Sunlight

  • Prizes
    Silver in Illumination/Full Spectrum Lamps
  • Company
    Seoul Semiconductor , Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Marc Juarez
  • Project Link

The South Korean electronics company Seoul Semiconductor has succeeded in getting as close as possible to sunlight with the development of the SunLike series. In addition, the light of SunLike LEDs adapts perfectly to the human biorhythm. This natural light spectrum was achieved by using violet LED chips in combination with the innovative TRI-R technology from Toshiba Materials. Due to their excellent color fidelity and high contrast, SunLike LEDs are used in applications ranging from HCL (Human Centric Lighting) to workplace lighting and the cosmetic sector.

Seoul Semiconductor started in 1992 with around 30 employees in a small space of a commercial building in Bongchen-dong, Seoul. We have grown exponentially over the years creating many success stories
With a dream that we would make our LEDs lit up even a space station, we built our company Logo and CI(Corporate Identity) in 1994 and have invested in R&D for the last two decades. Consequently, we also invented the world’s first AC driven LED technology, “Acrich”, 10 times brighter LED “nPola”, package-free LED technology “WICOP” and "Sunlike" the closest LED light to real Sunlight

Other prizes
2018 LuxLive Award 2018 LpS Bregenz Award 2018 Building green Top 10 products 2018 OFWeek China LED lighting award 2018 IES Progress Report 2018 Edison Award Top 10 must see products 2018 Elektronik Award Product of the year 2018 LEDs Magazine best product in the field award

Photo Credit: Seoul Semiconductor