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2019 / Illumination / Table Lamps / Professional

Little KONG

  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Table Lamps
  • Company
    Shenzhen Dizan Technology Co.,Ltd., China
  • Lead Designer
    Qixing He
  • Design Team
    Guogang Peng, Xiaotong Long, Yan Wang, Zhifu You
  • Client
    Above lights (HK) limited
  • Project Link

Little KONG is a mobile phone wireless charging atmosphere lamp contains oriental philosophy. Oriental aesthetics pays great attention to the relationship between virtual and actual, full and empty. The most significate feature of KONG is the hiding of LED chips subtly into the metal pole which not only ensures the empty and purity of the lampshade but also distinguishes KONG from other lamps. The designer found out the feasible craft finally to present the patterns and textures in a stereo way perfectly, after the in-depth exploration of optical transmission materials.

Photo Credit: Shenzhen Dizan Technology Co.,ltd.