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2019 / Illumination / Interactive Lighting Projects / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Interactive Lighting Projects
  • Company
    Studio SHA., Austria
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Bob Bork, David Dorffner, Peter Kugler, Nicole Kürzer
  • Client
    Das Lebendige Haus / The Living House
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photos: Holm Basedow (filmeuphorie.de)

A sea of sound and colour has recently spread over the german sky – consisting of 5,000 interactive lamps. SKY is the name of this innovation on the new glass ceiling of the former general post office in Leipzig. It was created and installed by the Viennese artist, designer and perception researcher SHA. The elaborate work of art stretching over 1,500m2 forms the centrepiece of the revitalized building, which stood empty for over a decade. The SKY lamps change the mood: over the course of the day and from season to season. SKY lives with the surrounding, the city, the pulses, rhythms, rituals.

The Austrian brand SHA. represents SensorySpaces. The design studio with headquarters in Vienna acts globally and offers creative consulting in the form of development, planning and implementation. The brand can now be found in 300 locations in 40 countries. SHA. has won multiple international awards. In all the projects, SHA. attempts to overcome everyday limitations. The studio is often involved in the entire creation process developing the DNA for a new product or project. With SHA. architecture, design and art form a joint path towards a holistic experience.

Other prizes
Awards: SHA.’s artistic projects have been recognized by the Austrian Museum Award, the State Prize in Multimedia and the Austrian Award for Art in Public Space. His research work has been supported by grants and prizes, including the prestigious Erwin Schrödinger fellowship by the FWF. Thanks to international awards like the European Spa Award in Monaco, the European Health & Spa Award and the Indian Innovation Award in Delhi, his creative product developments such as the »AlphaSphere« have become creative industry projects with a global presence. Professional and technical experience: SHA. has been a self-employed artist, designer, perception researcher and creative consultant for 20 years. With his unique, multimedia projects, SHA. breaks new ground in the synergy between art, research and business. His reference projects are very wide-ranging, spanning from the interactive Haus der Musik in Vienna, the futuristic Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg and the traditional Caracalla spa in Baden-Baden ... to numerous artistic interventions in public spaces and international museums like the Centre Pompidou in Paris ... to contributions to avantgarde festivals like Ars Electronica, Wien Modern, Steirischer Herbst ... to work for the ORF, ARTE, BBC and the multimedia artist André Heller.

Photo Credit: Studio Sha.
Credits: Photos: Holm Basedow (filmeuphorie.de)