fsfdfd1 Amazônia - Single Winner
2019 / Home Interior Products / Tableware / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Tableware
  • Company
    Vista Alegre, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    VA Studio
  • Project Link

Vista Alegre has partnered with Ecoarts Amazônia to create a collection about the Brazilian rainforest, so that the world can see
the Amazon through the eyes of those who know it better. Fruit, plants, colours, textures, tools and legends inspire multiple creations in porcelain, crystal, stoneware and earthenware, leading us to discover and reevaluate a material and immaterial heritage of incomparable richness. Part of the profits
from Amazonia will revert to the Amazonian communities, through the planting of fruit trees in cities, rural areas and indigenous villages.

Photo Credit: Vista Alegre