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2019 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Appliances
  • Company
    Atılım University, Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Bulent Unal
  • Other credit
    3d Visualization: Bulent Unal

Tut enables the user to be able to lock the heating pot on the cooker in a few steps by only using one hand. Since the cooking pots such as small pot, sauce pan are not heavy enough, the pot can be moved on the cooker while the ingredients are being mixed. The user is forced to hold the handle of a pot in one hand while he has to hold a spoon with the other hand. The lockability supplies a security measure for children and ease the cooking for orthopedically disabled people.Heat-resistant silicone will be used in the part that holds the pot.

Bülent Ünal is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, where he received a BA in Industrial Design in between 1989-1993. In 2013, he received his master degree in the department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Atılım University. After his graduation, hefinished the Architecture PhD program of the same University and he has been studied on architectural design. He is Head of the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts Design and Architecture at Atılım University since 2013. He is married and a father of one.

Photo Credit: Atılım University
Credits: 3D Visualization: Bulent Unal