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2019 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop / Professional

Capsule Water Bottle

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
  • Company
    TOOLSbyAubecq, France, Metropolitan
  • Lead Designer
    Stories Design Management
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CAPSULE Bottle is great for everyone taking water on the go and keeps warm or cold drinks longer due to the double layers.
Shockproof, this glass bottle is protected with a plastic shell which can be unscrewed for easy cleaning. Moreover, the glass will not keep the smell from the previous drinks.
Re-enforced base with silicone protects from shock.

* Easy opening.
* Leakproof.
* Double hermetic layer
* Glass bottle - taste/odor free
* Shockproof resistant
* Fabric handle for transportation.
* No BPA or Phtalates
* Whole capacity: 0,95L

Photo Credit: Toolsbyaubecq