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2019 / Event Supplies / Kiosks / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Event Supplies/Kiosks
  • Company
    Partteam & Oemkiosks, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Partteam & Oemkiosks - Product Design Lab
  • Project Link

CRISALYS is an interactive digital billboard, that integrates different digital tools, to provide positive and innovative experiences to its users.
Its design combines lines of traditional Portuguese artifacts with minimalism and the elegance of the modern era. Designed to provide moments of pleasure and functionality, with features that emphasize usability and ergonomic comfort.
In its production, environmentally-friendly techniques and technologies are applied, allowing CRISALYS to stand out as a design landmark far beyond the aesthetically visible, for the new paradigm of Smart Cities.

Photo Credit: Partteam & Oemkiosks