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2019 / Education / Toys for pre-school learning / Professional

Talking Pen Roly-poly

  • Prizes
    Silver in Education/Toys for pre-school learning
  • Company
    Ningbo MiroKids Toys Co.,Ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    Gana Xu, Yi Teng Shih
  • Other credit
    Gana Xu, Yi Teng Shih

The roly-poly base is convenient to put the talking pen back on the table and keep swinging. Kids can change different shapes such as crab and fish according to their preferences to motivate learning activities. The talking pen is used to read kids’ cards, picture books, maps, animals and stories on the puzzles for them to learn from scenes, generate a language environment, and deepen their memory of knowledge.

Photo Credit: Ningbo Mirokids Toys Co.,ltd
Credits: Gana Xu, Yi Teng Shih