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2019 / Design For Society / Design for Environment / Professional

SICON LaserSort

  • Prizes
    Silver in Design for Society/Design for Environment
  • Company
    SICON GmbH, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Boris Geyersbach
  • Design Team
    Christian Roth, Marvin Schelges, Lars Menn, Heiner Guschall, Sebastian Schülke
  • Client
    SICON GmbH
  • Other credit
    Design Support By Sapek

The SICON LaserSort is a unique combination of Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and multiple separation channels in order to separate clean metal and alloy materials out of complex material mixtures of all kinds. Usually recyled materials have to be used in compromise applications whereas SICON LaserSort products can be used in primary application within the Cradle to Cradle philosophy of recycling.

Other than standard recycling machines the SICON LaserSort was developed from a team of experts in Laser and separation technologies and also from design experts to show its superiority.

Photo Credit: Sicon Gmbh
Credits: Design Support by SAPEK