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2019 / Design For Society / Design for Public Awareness / Professional

Seesaw Roundtable

  • Prizes
    Gold in Design for Society/Design for Public Awareness
  • Company
    I.S.A Design & Research, China
  • Lead Designer
    Isabelle Zhao Peng
  • Other credit
    Perspectives By Zhenzhen Zhuang

The roundtable emerged bearing the characters of freedom and equality. Nevertheless, with its developing in the broad usage of daily lives, some hidden rules have come to it, for instance, the orientations imply different status.
Seesaw Roundtable wants to “play” with the hidden rules and "push" the conventional furniture definitions. Then some fixed elements start to shake and collapse, like a chair does not always have legs and it might not be stable depending on the control of the seaters, which also aims to explore the relationships between humanity, object and society.

Photo Credit: I.s.a Design & Research
Credits: Perspectives by Zhenzhen Zhuang