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2019 / Children Products / Safety / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Children Products/Car Seats & Accessories, Gold in Children Products/Safety
  • Company
    Automotive Macliver , United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Kevin Macliver
  • Project Link

Multimac allows 3 or 4 children 0-12 years of age to be seated in a row of any car, so no need to spend money on a 7-seater when a 3rd child is due, also approved for adult use, May 2015. Unlike 7-seater cars, Multimac maximizes boot-space by keeping children in a row and out of less safe boot area. Multimac offers the only technological advances to in-car safety for kids since ISOFIX, due to to energy absorption devices unique to Multimac. British designed, made and tested in Sweden. Multimac provides a neater and stylish car interior, which is lost when using bulky single seat

Photo Credit: Automotive Macliver