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2019 / Children Products / Car Seats & Accessories / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Children Products/Car Seats & Accessories
  • Company
    Smartridr Ag, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Andy Macaluso
  • Design Team
    Daniel Schläpfer
  • Project Link

WhizRider is the most compact child restraint system allowing families to use new forms of mobility such as car sharing, Uber and others. Design meets function. The look of WhizRider has been especially designed to prevent misuse of the product by incorrect handling and false installation. The tunnel system of the vest prevents the safety webbing from twisting, the especially developed buckle mechanism ensures that the buckles are locked correctly. All of our Design aims to ensure that the product can do its job properly in case you need it. WhizRider has been designed to save lives.

Photo Credit: Smartridr Ag