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2019 / Children Products / Children Products / Professional

Torch and nightlight Gina the Giraffe

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Children Products/Children Products
  • Company
    Zazu, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Nynke Bakker
  • Design Team
    Nynke Bakker, Nick List
  • Client
  • Project Link

Gina is a torch and multi-colour nightlight in one.

TORCH: Gina's torch has bright light and is perfect for reading a book or to guide the way in the dark. The 10 minute auto-off makes sure that the light will not accidentally stay on during the night.

NIGHTLIGHT: When it is time to go to sleep, Gina can light up her body in 7 soothing colors. The soft glow will help your child to fall asleep more easily. After 30 minutes, when your child has dropped off to sleep, the light will automatically switch off.

Gina has a built in rechargeable battery and long battery life.

Photo Credit: Zazu