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2019 / Catering Products / Food Transport / Professional

muki Snackpot

  • Prizes
    Gold in Catering Products/Food Transport, Silver in Design for Society/Design for Sustainability
  • Company
    Flsk Products Gmbh, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    FLSK Products GmbH

The muki: simply practical. The vacuum insulated snackpot allows you to take your good taste wherever you want to go. Spice up your everyday life with this style update: the muki fits into every bag, keeps your snacks hot or cold the whole day and is an absolute eye-catcher. Great design that suits even the smallest amongst us.

Snacking and dipping on the go? Easy! The muki separates what will be combined later: milk & granola, vegetable sticks & dip, baby food & fruit or coffee & cookies. Open, mix and celebrate your muki moment.

Photo Credit: Flsk Products Gmbh