fsfdfd1 Escape Luggage - Single Winner
2018 / Lifestyle And Travel / Travel Accessory / Professional

Escape Luggage

  • Prizes
    Silver in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Accessory, Gold in Lifestyle and Travel/Travel Bag
  • Company
    Rollogo Ltd, Hong Kong
  • Lead Designer
    Frederic Gooris
  • Project Link

ROLLOGO is the brand for the new wave of tech-savvy travelers, inspired by a unification of intelligence and simplicity. Belgian designer Frederic Gooris designed ESCAPE, a premium smart luggages for business travelers. ESCAPE is designed as a light, compact and contemporary on-the-go office. When you are not working, it generates its own power as it travels alongside with patented wheels. It comes with clever space management to meets the size requirements of even the most tedious airlines, so you’ll never have to check it in. It is an one of a kind luggage that you won't see in the market.

Photo Credit: Rollogo Ltd