fsfdfd1 Cominfo Dual - Single Winner
2018 / Media And Home Electronics / Security Systems / Professional

Cominfo Dual

  • Prizes
    Gold in Media and Home Electronics/Security Systems
  • Company
    Novo Design, Czech Republic
  • Lead Designer
    David Polasek
  • Client
    Cominfo, A.s.

Cominfo Dual is entrance RFID reader. Smart devices for contactless identification stand out for their clean shaped luxurious design and glass surface with intuitive LED backlight as a navigation light. In addition, their key features also are an automatic dimming and vibration feedback when a key is pressed for PIN input. Benefits: Compact water-resistant housing for easy implementation and any purpose. USB interfaces for easy communication with other devices. Support standard types of smart cards and proximity badges at 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz. Dimensions 123 × 53 × 20 mm and 85 × 85 × 20 mm.

Design studio represents the portfolio of authorial projects. Studio was founded in 2010 as product design development agency. We form creative team which is specialized in transport design, industrial design, product design and graphic styling. We look for optimal solution that will connect technical and aesthetical forms.

Other prizes
German Design Award 2019 (Special mention in Illumination) A'Design Award 2018 (Silver medal of Security category) A'Design Award 2018 (Bronze medal of Security category) EPDA 2018 (Gold medal in Lighting) EPDA 2018 (Gold medal in Home electronics) DAC - World's Leading Designers 2017 (2nd) A'Design Award 2017 (Gold medal of Security category) Red Dot - World of Design gallery 2016 Red Dot Design Award 2011 (Winner) Best in Design award 2010 (Bronze medal) Canon Design Contest 2006 (Winner) Young Package Award 2016 (Bronze medal)

Photo Credit: Novo Design