2018 / Home Interior Products / Switches, Temperature Control Systems / Professional

Manetos Smart Heating Family

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Switches, Temperature Control Systems
  • Company
    Frank Etc. Ab, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Nikolaus Frank
  • Design Team
    Nikolaus Frank, Frank Etc., Industrial design; Cecilia Frank, Frank Etc., Graphic design; Ari Hakala, Cadland; Charlotta Holmqvist and Manetos team
  • Client
    Manetos Ab
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Nikolaus Frank

The heart of the house: advanced and adaptive temperature control system, supporting all types of modular heating. Sensors learns about the house, and accumulate information to save energy and improve comfort. Pictures show base unit, temperature units, extender units, Y-box, and mobile phone interface. Design work has been carried out with user studies and interviews, resulting in easily placed and easy to install equipment. RGB leds in the pulsing heart indicate system status and activity. Temperature units rely on e-paper displays for low energy consumption and clear, crisp graphics.

Photo Credit: Frank Etc. Ab
Credits: Nikolaus Frank