2017 / Home Interior Products / Professional

miniki slimline

  • Company
    miniki, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Tobias Schwarzer
  • Client
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The invisible modular mini-kitchen disguised
as an elegant sideboard.
The honest design of the miniki slimline is
derived wholly from its function. Structural
connections and balanced proportions define
the form. The joints between elements are
visible on the outside. Made of HPL material
that is only 10 mm thick and with visible
black edge, the slimline has a sleek,
architectural appearance.
The miniki slimline can become “invisible” on
demand. Its ability to transform itself into
an understated sideboard makes it ideal for
small residential and business premises with
an integrated kitchen area.
Modern nomadism is replacing the throw-away
society! The miniki slimline is a
future-ready answer to the urgent issues and
challenges of making society more
environmentally responsible despite its
increasingly nomadic members. To meet this
claim, each slimline is conscientiously
manufactured in Germany and equipped with
high-quality parts. The multifunctional
modules can be rearranged to fit virtually
any spatial situation. As the modules can be
completely disassembled, it is possible to
replace individual parts in case of damage so
that the kitchen can enjoy a long life. The
goal of sustainability is also reflected in
the design of the miniki slimline. A kitchen
made to accompany different stages of life
and to be integrated into various rooms has
to display a timeless design language.

Photo Credit: Miniki