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Osram Automotive Relaunch 2016

  • Company
    Peter Schmidt Group, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Florian Schaake, Sven Franke
  • Design Team
    Florian Schaake, Sven Franke, Coralin Hentsch, Katharina Oppermann
  • Client
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We have been asked to update the halogen, HIDand LED product ranges (aftermarket packagingonly). One of the key challenges of thisproject was to find a logical portfolio segmentation that is easy to understand and that resonates with the target audience(giving clear guidance).

In the course of the OSRAM Automotive redesign, we developed a new product design together with a new opening and holder technique for the Duo Box which fits into the existing portfolio. The Duo Box is produced for the added value products and contains two lamps. It is suitable for a standing andhanging display and is easy to open. Another benefit of this box is the solution for auniversal lamp holder, as there are 12different lamp types which had to fit in the
same box.

The box adopts the form of a headlamp. The circular cut-out reveals the product and the silver foil on the back label reflects the lamp. In this way the high quality of the OSRAM product is underlined. The mix of round and edgy corners gives the Duo Box design a modern and dynamic look.

The key visuals are a speedometer and car which reflect the dynamic, fast-paced Automotive sector. The car is cut and placed in a frontal perspective. Glows, rays and the cold foil finishing give the design a high-quality look.

Every pillar has its own powerful color system to differentiate from each other and to address different target groups: Comfort (green pillar) stands for long lifetime and eco-friendliness. Design (blue pillar) represents individuality, highest quality standards and aesthetics. Performance (redpillar) signifies power, high-end technologyand advance.

Photo Credit: Peter Schmidt Group