EPD 2017 Royal Bliss - Single Winner
2017 / Packaging Design / Beverage / Professional

Royal Bliss

  • Company
    De la Mata Design, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Teresa Martín De La Mata
  • Client
    Coca Cola
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Client: Coca Cola Iberia. Contact: Isabel Gomis / Paloma Cruz. Agency: De La Mata Design. Contact: Teresa Martin De La Mata / Roberto Beltrán.

Client: Coca-Cola Company
Brand: Royal Bliss


Our client COCA-COLA COMPANY commissioned us to create
the branding, graphic concept, brand architecture and
packaging of this full range of premium mixers of complex
flavours, which comprises 8 varieties with endless
possibilities. Royal Bliss is the first brand launched by Coca-
Cola in Spain in ten years. The challenge for the Agency was to
create the visual identity for a brand that seeks to break the
mould. An inspiring and striking universe was created with that
premise, together with a logo that will play between the
tangible and the abstract to arouse all kinds of feelings and
never leave anyone indifferent. We worked on the name of the
range as "Premium Inspiration" instead of "Premium Mixers"
and provided each reference with its own personality: Creative
Tonic Water, Bohemian Berry Sensation, Creative Zero Tonic
Water, Elegant Soda, Exotic Yuzu Sensation Tonic Water,
Expressive Orange, Ironic Lemon and Irreverent Gingerale. The
entire creative work had a single message: Royal Bliss isn’t just
one more brand. The bottleneck’s design seeks to convey the
concept of Royal Bliss, which is a product not only designed
for mixing but to compose different sensations. Each bottle
has its own personality, a different design, which is clean, it
transmits naturalness and plays with different textures to
awaken senses.

Other prizes
Pentawards Gold, German Design Awards, Best Awards, IPA Awards

Photo Credit: De La Mata Design
Credits: Client: Coca Cola Iberia. Contact: Isabel Gomis / Paloma Cruz. Agency: De la Mata Design. Contact: Teresa Martin de la Mata / Roberto Beltrán.