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Dynacraft Disney Princess Carriage

  • Company
    Savannah College of Art and Design, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Julian Dinsing, James Ervin, Ja’quavius Jones, Harsh Kumar, Jace Mcdill, Alexandra Ruiz-sketching, Nicholas Tourville, Erik Wagenaar, Andrew Wallisch, William Warmoth, Nathan Porteous, Jian Shi, Han Tian, Idara Umoren, Qing Xu, Hongyi Zhang, Wenqian Zhang, Yang He, Yuanheng Liang, Yin-hsiang Lin, James Ervin, Idara Umoren, Wenqian Zhang, Andrew Wallisch
  • Design Team
    Julian Dinsing- Ideation, Prototype team James Ervin- Chasis Ideation, CAD modeling Ja’quavius Jones-Sketching and Ideation Harsh Kumar-CAD modeling Jace McDill-CAD modeling Alexandra Ruiz-Sketching, Prototype Team Nicholas Tourville-Concept Development Erik Wagenaar-CAD modeling Andrew Wallisch-Project Manager William Warmoth-CAD modeling Nathan Porteous-Ideation, Process Book and Presentations Jian Shi-CAD modeling Han Tian-CAD modeling, Chassis concepts Idara Umoren-CAD modeling, CAD modeling Princess Carriage prototype Qing Xu-CAD modeling Hongyi Zhang-CAD modeling, Protype Team Wenqian Zhang-Original Concept sketch for Princess Carriage Yang He-CAD modeling, Prototype Team Yuanheng Liang-Sketching and Ideation Yin-Hsiang Lin-Concept development, Prototype Team After the conclusion of the class in November these four students were selected to further refine selected concepts from the class: James Ervin- CAD modeling, Ideation Idara Umoren- CAD modeling, Ideation Wenqian Zhang- CAD modeling, Ideation Andrew Wallisch- CAD modeling, Ideation, Project Manager Starting in January of 2015, Andrew Wallisch spent ten weeks working as Lead Industrial Designer on the Princess Carriage with the Dynacraft team in American Canyon, CA. After the conclusion of the internship, he spent the next 10 months working remotely with Dynacraft and overseas manufacturers to finalize the design that went into production.
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  • University
    Savannah College Of Art And Design

Feel the magic come to life in the Dynacraft
Disney Princess Carriage! This fairy tale ride
began in a collaborative class project between
Dynacraft Bike and 20 select students from
Savannah College of Art and Design. Product
history and market research led to the insight
that girls have been an underserved and
overlooked market when it comes to ride-on
vehicles. Over the past thirty years, despite
dozens of models designed for boys, the
formula for girls has remained the same: make
it pink and put a Barbie sticker on it. We
thought that every little princess deserves an
elegant and enchanting experience, whether on
her way to the ball or in the backyard. A fully
enclosed cabin, magic wand ignition key, and
18-inch injection molded wheels, are just a few
of the many innovative details that make this
product a first of its kind and a top seller this
holiday season.

Photo Credit: Savannah College Of Art And Design