2017 / Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings / Student

My Country

  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Textiles/Floor Coverings
  • Company
    Bay Gallery Home, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Alexandra O'brien
  • Design Team
    Abby Jamet
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The ‘My Country’ collection of tiles, wallpapers and
rugs is a true embodiment of Art in the everyday.
Drawing upon the British manufacturing industry, its
pioneering translations of authentic Central Australian
Aboriginal artwork to interior surface and accessories
are expanding the global awareness of this ancient
My Country references the Aboriginal philosophy and
creative process, whereby all of creation is at one with
the land. Its particular provenance and symbols –
mapping myths, rituals and sacred topography – results
in a compelling, versatile aesthetic imbuing spaces with
wider horizons of the imagination. Its sophisticated
visual language is composed of layers of regular
irregularities of colour, geometry, repetition and scale
Following a long-standing relationship remote Central
Australian territories, Bay Gallery Home specialises in
licensing rights to its communities’ artworks offering a
range of core products and extend a ‘made to order’
facility to designers and architects wishing to
commission exclusive bespoke pieces.
The artists are remunerated for the original purchase of
artwork, and receive a percentage of the interiors sale.
This additional source of income has direct bearing on
the mobility, educational and work opportunities of
marginalised communities.
The core ceramic wall tile collection is from paintings
depicting the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, their
40,000 year old creation myths that serve as practical
survival and moral guides. It consists of Emu Dreaming,
Bush Onion 1 and Bush Onion 2. [30 x 30 cm]
The core wallpaper collection comprises three designs:
Blue (Kangaroo plant and Pigweed plentiful after rain),
Green (the Australian outback, bush medicine and bush
tucker after bountiful rains) and Pink (the land in dry
season, only the hardiest bushes and established trees
are still visible). [Pattern repeat: 62.2cm, straight
approx. trimmed width: 52cm, approx length: 10.05cm,
area: 5.23 sq m].
The handwoven Aboriginal Dreamtime rugs are made to

Photo Credit: Bay Gallery Home