2017 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Student


  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Company
    Creativity Off Standard Sl, Andorra
  • Lead Designer
    Marc Samson
  • Design Team
    Marc Samson
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OFF THE WALL - LOFT is a single piece of
furniture that covers all needs of an open
floor plan. In this project, it is showing
the continuous flow of a dining table – home
office space, kitchen, snack-bar, sofa and
entertainment (TV...). Most of the walls are
free from furniture, which is perfect for
loft and apartments with large windows (for
sunlight or with a view). The concept is
based on a number of «modules» thus allowing
everyone to design their own floor plan
using only their desired modules.
It allows people to cook from both sides of
the counter top. The design layout helps to
improve interaction between people and
sharing emotions.

The concept is Eco-Friendly as the structure
comes in a box (less transport from the
manufacturer to home). It can be easily
disassembled to be moved to a different
home. Again less transport cost. All
materials can be recycled.

OFF THE WALL - LOFT is low cost furniture
even if its «look» is very modern and
design. Its low cost comes from the fact
that its single structure is covered by a
stretchy fabric. Accordingly, it requires
far less materials that current furniture
and kitchen cabinets. Eco-Friendly and less
costly too! Where a hard surface is needed
such as the cooking area and the snack-bar,
a counter top is apply over the fabric or a
metallic sheet is inserted between the
structure and the fabric.

In order to leave most walls free of
furniture, the utilities (gas, electricity,
water, drain, Internet cable...) are passing
and hidden within the structure. For the
waste water of the kitchen sink, a «Nova
Box» is used. It pumps back the waste water
to the main drain pipe. See illustrations
for details.

Creativity Off Standard sl is in the field of creativity «Cross Tech Design» where I invent & Design new products, that do not yet exist, and from which there is a large market to be reached out. I also improve existing product Design to make them more efficient, user friendly, better or simply more desirable by their innovative Design. These innovative concepts and Designs are sold to businesses that will bring them to market worldwide, solving small and large problems of life.

«Cross Tech Design» is the art of reorganizing existing technologies from different fields towards new application

Other prizes
Winner of THE JAMES DYSON AWARD 2017 for Italy. Winner of 4 Silver Prizes at the EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2017. For a complete list of awards and to view the portfolio please visit www.creativityoffstandard.com .

Photo Credit: Creativity Off Standard Sl