2017 / Supermarket And Grocery Stores / Freezer/cooler and refrigerator / Professional

kCounter RPF

  • Company
    Kgroup Refrigeration, Spain
  • Lead Designer
  • Client
    Grupo K Refrigeración
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Nowadays, when electronic devices are a part
of our daily activity and make it more
efficient, the retail sector is no
exception. Kgroup invite consumers to get
up, go out, look, see, perceive... In short,
Kgroup accompany them in a new experience
of interactive shopping that is comfortable,
functional and aesthetically stimulating.
The new generation of Koxka solutions
welcomes consumers, driving them throughout
comfortable surroundings designed to make
them feel good.

Light has always lit the path to follow. In
the case of Koxka, today light welcomes
users to the shopping areas, leading the way
for absolute innovation in the integration
of our products into any space. The new
generation of Koxka products has thus become
the only family of cooling products that can
be adapted again and again to the
surroundings, likes and needs ofour
customers. Light guides, and today it also
saves costs and opensnew avenues regarding
creative design possibilities to our

In this new generation of ice counters, we
combinated an large variety of LED colours
to use the magic of customising the product
with the corporate or promotional colours,
this option give us the possibility of
customisation in both production and in the
shop. Infinite possibilities.

Main Features of kCounter RPF
• Extremely low dehydration ratio.
• Ergonomical design fot the store staff.
• 3MO product temperature.
• MEPS certified.
• Available in plug in and remote.

Photo Credit: Kgroup Refrigeration