2017 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Student

Privacy Protector

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Company
    Wuhan University Of Technology, China
  • Lead Designer
    Liu Mingde, Zhang Junjie
  • Design Team
    Zhang Junjie
  • Project Link
  • University
    Wuhan University Of Technology

This product consists of three components
that can’t be found on a regular ball point
pen. An alcohol storage barrel is placed
inside tube of the pen. Together with a spray
head beside it, and a cleaning cloth which is
fixed around the outer body. Because alcohol
can erase the handwriting on pressure-
sensitive paper. To remove your personal
information from the delivery paper. Simply
press the trigger at the very end of the pen,
a small amount of alcohol will be spraying
out from the spray head, onto the delivery
paper. Then use the cleaning cloth provided
to wipe out any writing that contains your
personal details. A simple and smart way to
protect your privacy.

Photo Credit: Wuhan University Of Technology