2017 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Student

Evolution Rescue Tools (Compact)

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Company
    Peter Fegan Design, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Fegan
  • Design Team
    Peter Fegan
  • Client
    Self Commission
  • Project Link
  • University
    Western Sydney University

The Evolution Rescue Tool (Compact) is a new
generation Tactical tomahawk which employs
radical ergonomic design to enhance
performance and greatly improve user comfort
and decrease occupational injury. Its
design purpose is to aid in the safe
extraction and exit from emergency
situations for Emergency Service Personnel.
It is a specialised personal breaching tool
designed to break locks, pierce tyres, cut
through walls, cut through metal and glass,
pierce reinforced Kevlar materials, puncture
vehicle tyres, defeat timber structures,
smash masonry and brick or any task that
requires uncompromising destructive
performances. Having a portable tool such as
this could be the difference between life
and death.
The Evolution Rescue Tools main function is
to save lives. It is a personal entry/
breaching tool designed specifically for
First Responders such as Fire Brigade,
Emergency Service, Police, Customs and
Military personnel to aid in the entry,
extraction and exit from hazardous rescue
Two different models are featured; a
featherweight model from aerospace
grade6AL4V titanium and the other
constructed from high carbon steel, which
have different user applications based on
the same advanced ergonomic design and both
are supremely lighter than anything else in
competitive category. Also featuring
advanced technology surface treatments with
steel models protected by ceramic coating
and titanium models protected by PVD
(Physical Vapour Deposition) treatments.
The anatomical and ergonomically responsive
grip handles are constructed of contoured
3Dmilled indestructible G10 material for
ultimate structural integrity in demanding
situations. The head features 3 live
cutting blades; front, rear spike and full
upper spine edge to provide a variety of
striking, prying and splitting penetration
functions with ribbed milled channels to
prevent blade sticking. The milled pockets
and cavities in the handle throat are
designed as vibration baffles to minimise
and mitigate harmful vibration transfer to
the users hand and arms.

Photo Credit: Peter Fegan Design