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Immersive Focus

  • Lead Designer
    Paul Lequay, Claudia Naval, Iga Slowik
  • Design Team
    Paul Lequay, Claudia Naval, Iga Slowik
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As the impending travels to Mars come closer,
arrays of problems emerge, but also present
problems become critical to solve. With longer
space travel it becomes critical to alleviate
astronauts from the stressful environment and
fight the harmful setting. This is a subject that
has not been addressed and is generally ignored.
Immersive Focus searches to improve Astronauts
and their overall wellbeing and solve the present
and future health issues.

The noise cancelling device is an individual gear
that cancels disturbing environmental noises but
allows normal conversations and interactions with
other crew members. Constant and disturbing
noises such as engines and ventilators can
product irreparable damages to the human body.

The cocoon is an individual structure that
accommodates the astronauts into comfortable
positions beneficial for their physical health. The
cocoon as well addresses their psychological
wellbeing by facilitating the reconnection to their
loved-ones messages. Feeling grounded relieves
stress and creates a retreat to be able to feel
physically rested, a recurring problem in the
International Space Station (ISS) today.

Photo Credit: Paul Lequay, Claudia Naval, Iga Slowik