2017 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs / Student

Unit helmet system

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More often than not, construction workers are exposed to
such hazards as noise, darkness, flames, and direct sunlight
that occur in specific situations like tunnel excavation, or
pipe welding. The Unit-helmet designed for these workers
has adopted a modular system which makes it easily
assembled or disassembled on the shell. This enables
workers to actively respond to volatile surroundings.
The unit accessories consist of two types of face visors,
one to protect the worker's face from the sun and the other
from flames, ear muffs to block noise, and a torch to light
his way in darkness. All these accessories can be easily
replaced by means of the magnetic buckle system which
was provided by the German smart buckle manufacturer,
Fidlock. And the unit is able to be attached to many fastener
systems that are ergonomically situated on top of the
helmet, allowing the accessories to be assembled in
combination with the other units, which ensures safety from
multiple hazards that occur simultaneously.

Photo Credit: Jaehoonjung