2017 / Children Products / Strollers / Professional


  • Company
    Gesslein, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Alexander Popp
  • Design Team
    Alexander Popp/Jeannine Merkl
  • Project Link

INDY is more than just a stroller – it is all in one. It is able to deal with all ages, terrains, and to meet any requirement. This enormous flexibility is possible because of a technical innovation of only 80x39 mm. This very small central joint of the stroller is responsible for a multitude of functions: It can be equipped with numerous adapters, which allow parents to attach countless parts to INDY’s frame. With a special mechanism the new joint keeps the handlebar in place when locked, leaving no unwanted clearance between the single parts. This leads to an increased lateral stability and the frictional locking allows a constant flow of forces within the joint. With this innovative technique we have developed the smallest joint for a reversible handlebar in the world!

The reversible handlebar hast some more unique features:
- The brake cable runs inside the frame without interfering with the reversible
- Even with the buggy seating the handlebar stays reversible.
- brand-new folding and locking mechanism
(registered for patent): INDY can be folded from whatever position the handlebar is in.The result: an absolutely easy
handling and a clear and minimalist design, which reflects both dynamic and elegance!

The basic idea of design: Reduction to the essential. The implementation: General matching of all functions in a
single, compact central joint. The result: a smart and dynamic design.
- no unwieldy cross-bracing
- simple elegance focuses on the details
- high-fashion elements such as leather handle and the toy bar as a counterpart, in leather as well
- exclusive materials: high-fashion textiles (artful 3-D prints, classy weavings, or exciting black and white patterns),
smooth leather – as dominant material or smallest details.

The solid anodized aluminum frames are connected by fiberglass-reinforced plastic from Germany. All of INDY's premium textiles are hand-sewn in Germany.

Photo Credit: Gesslein