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Icons Of Sembawang

  • Company
    Trigger Design
  • Director
    Chan Wai Lim
  • Design Team

“Icons of Sembawang” is range of outdoor children rocking furniture inspired by the place the designer grew up. The project started as a collaboration between Little Thoughts Group (design platform) and Samko Timber. Samko Timber is a Indonesia based company that have been supplying outdoor architecture decking for more than 10 years. In this collaboration, the purpose is to push boundaries, infuse design value and look into opportunity to push status quo. Inspired by the designer childhood life in “kampong” (farm). In the early 70's, Singapore was mainly farmland, ponds and plantations. Then, simple pleasures revolved around playing with farm animals & hand-made wooden objects. As Singapore developed in these years, The designer wants to share her piece of memories through fun, delight & crafted elements as an outdoor playground chair to put a smile on the younger generations. The rocking animals use Heveatech wood, an eco-friendly wood that made from reclaimed plantation grown timber and recycled as demolition wood. Having property of weather resistance, termite resistance, extremely durable and superior dimension stability makes it the ideal material for outdoor furniture. Using simple & purest form, kids is able to capture the subtle essence of the Dog, Cat & Pig. All 3 animals are constructed using different patterns, colours resulting with an interesting wood grain visual effect. The wood are precisely machined by CNC machine, with high quality finishing and assembly workmanship. The internal is reinforced with steel and is weld to spring base to provide a robust structure. Handle & foot rest uses chrome plated aluminum, and spring base is powder coated for weather resistance. Touches of nostalgic elements are crafted into the design: using number plating and wind-up key. The inverted “5” on the dog was deliberately imprinted because the designer used to write number 5 mirror when she was a kids.

Photo Credit: Trigger Design
Credits: Material: Samko Timber Design Platform credits: Little Thoughts Group Photography credits: Cause & Effect Studio