2017 / Children Products / Baby Products / Professional


  • Company
    SEP Solutions/Onni Care, Finland
  • Lead Designer
    Arto Ruokonen, Desigence Oy
  • Design Team
    Erasmus van Niekerk and Satu Niemelä from SEP Solutions/Onni Care, Arto Ruokonen from Desigence Oy
  • Client
    Sep Solutions/onni Care
  • Project Link

‘Star’ is a next generation baby monitor that
enables parents to do much more than just see
and hear the baby. ‘Star’ has been designed
together by SEP Solutions’ Mr Erasmus van
Niekerk and Ms Satu Niemelä (the clients), and
Desigence’s Mr Arto Ruokonen (the professional
We wanted the design to be timeless and
elegant; a design that communicates safety and
peacefulness while seamlessly fitting in with
the surroundings. Being a baby care product,
it was important to us that the design appeals
to babies as well as adults both of whom come
into contact with the product on a regular
basis when it’s being used.
Our focus was to breathe fresh air into this
category of products. We felt very strongly
that even if the product was high-tech, the
design didn’t need to be cold. We wanted our
design to be striking, to stand out, and yet
be comforting and eye-pleasing.
Completely free of a parent unit and used
through a smartphone app and further supported
by a web portal, ‘Star’ connects with our Onni
Care branded parental tools and services,
which makes ‘Star’ completely unique in this
rapidly growing segment of connected baby
In a nutshell, ‘Star’ is an innovative,
versatile baby monitoring system with HD-
quality video streaming, alerts and online
tools that help parents monitor, measure and
stay connected. The remote access video baby
monitoring system enables live video feed of
the child to be accessed with the smartphone
anytime, from anywhere, and the security
protocols used makes it one of the most
difficult to hack. It comes with many easy to
use tools designed to help parents learn the
baby’s needs and patterns in terms of feeding
and sleeping, and enables them to also
chronicle the child’s growth and development.

Photo Credit: Sep Solutions/onni Care