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Dog Flight Carrier

  • Company
  • Director
    Petra Jungebluth
  • Design Team
    Petra Jungebluth

The Dog Flight Carrier is a niche product targeting the small audience of dog owners travelling with their dogs. Being a niche product hardly any functional or well designed products have been on the market. The Cloud7 for Tumi Flight Carrier brings together the best of knowledge from Tumi as one of the world leading brands for upscale and smart travel accessories and Cloud7's knowledge as a leading brand for high quality dog products. All relevant needs of the dog owner and his dog travelling in the flight cabin have been taken into consideration to develop the best possible product without compromising in design, function and quality. The Flight Cabin Carrier has various valuable features, like a soft lying surface, a safety leash, a shoulder strap than can also be used as a dog leash, a multifunctional ventilation system, a function that allows to extend the inside space with a simple zipper detail and mesh windows for constant eyes contact for the dog to his master. Additionally is has an ID tag for personalisation

Photo Credit: Cloud7