Gold 2017 / Flora And Fauna / Pet toys / Professional

Wobble Ball™

  • Company
    P.l.a.y. Pet Lifestyle And You
  • Director
    Will Chen
  • Design Team
    Nichole J. Smith & Bryan Lim

One of the favorite aspects of our job is listening to customer feedback and what they are looking for. A common question that we come across when meeting customers is, “My dog gets bored easily. Do you have anything that can keep him healthy and active at home?” or “I have a really intelligent dog. Do you have anything fun and interesting that I can’t easily find in a mass retailer?” So in 2013, P.L.A.Y. launched the patented Wobble BallTM toy to resounding success. Customers loved the fact that the toy was attractive and well- designed, but also practical and solves a problem. How it works is very simple: Combining two of every dog’s favorite past time, food and play, the P.L.A.Y. Wobble BallTM is perfect for the dog that enjoys mental and physical stimulation. Pop a handful of your dog’s favorite treats or kibble through the cloud- shaped openings and set it on the ground for your dog to nudge, paw or roll the toy around. The sight, smell and sound of treats rolling around are sure to get any dog curious and excited. The Wobble BallTM is also purposefully uniquely shaped to make it roll around unpredictably which ups the fun and challenge factor for the dog. Besides a toy, it has the additional benefit of acting as a slow feeder as it dispenses food intermittently. The Wobble BallTM is a great way to stimulate the dog’s different senses and be rewarded for all his hard work! The Wobble BallTM toy is made with durable ABS thermoplastic and can be easily taken apart for easy cleaning. It is certified 100% dishwasher safe and is made with the same safety standards for manufacturing children toys. Each toy comes in 3 attractive colors and is delightfully packaged for easy merchandising at the store.

Photo Credit: P.l.a.y. Pet Lifestyle And You