Silver 2017 / Education / Toys for pre-school learning / Professional


  • Company
    Matteo Ragni Studio
  • Director
    Matteo Ragni
  • Design Team

TobeUs was born as a vent of a designer who hates the sight of his kids playing only for a few moments with toys to be later forgotten/destroyed. The easiest solution, according to him is to give to kids the chance to learn to love an object. TobeUs cars are made by taking a 16x7.5x7.5 cm block of Lebanese cedar wood, with two lines - longitudinal, one transversal - pencil drawing on the block. Then a carpenter cuts the block along the lines, he carves the spaces for the wheels and attaches them to the car. So easy, a child could do it. 100% TobeUs: one hundred international designers, among the most important in the world, accepted to play with TobeUs, creating a unique collection of 100 wooden cars, designed with fantasy, simpleness and wishing to give a message of sustainability and joyfulness to adults and children. The project has been exhibited in: New York, Toronto, Moscow, Bozen and Milan. Workshops - held by Matteo Ragni, the founder of TobeUs - are for children ages 4 - 10 and their parents. Participants will follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest designers by working with Matteo to create their own My First ToBeUs model from a cardboard kit. This is the perfect opportunity to expose kids to design while having fun and having a memorable day! Thanks to the Kit, even the youngest can create a TobeUs car and feel like a real designer for a day. From simple A4 sheet you can get a model to design, customize and maybe take it home and keep it as a memorabilia. TobeUs is: made of scented wood, an object to be used, a toy which lasts years, a wooden block of the same size, if you are cold you could burn it

Photo Credit: Matteo Ragni Studio