Silver 2017 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Professional

Autism Sensory Reset Pod

  • Company
    Cambridge Design Technology Limited
  • Director
    Jon Plumb
  • Design Team
    Peter Limb

Design and conceptualization of a sensory reset pod to allow people living with Autism to take time out in busy, hectic situations. The pod allows the user to sit in an enclosed space, and control light intensity, light color, ventilation and temperature, and either use relaxation audio. In the event that a user in the OCD autism spectrum uses the pod, a 3mm jack socket allows them to use their own headphones, and provides sanitation alcohol wipes to cleanse the wipe clean GRP and vinyl surfaces. The unit has its own lighting, audio and ventilation services under the seat, accessible by a service panel on the rear. The unit is mounted on 4 heavy duty castors to allow the operator to move the unit from varying locations. Power supply would either be by fixed electricity hook up (e.g. in a shopping mall) or via a generator for outdoor festivals. The unit has been designed to fit on a standard trailer capable of being towed by any small vehicle upwards.

Photo Credit: Cambridge Design Technology Limited