Gold 2017 / Design For Society / Design for Society / Professional

Standing Carton

  • Company
    College Of Science &technology Ningbo Unviersity
  • Director
    Lei Shi;ting Zhang
  • Design Team
    zheyuan zhou;zijing zhu;ying zhang;chenwei zhu;jiayi lu;linlin zhang;

In recent years, central and south africa have witnessed many waves of cholera outbreaks, causing large areas of infection and even death.intravenous infusion as one of the most common treatments for cholera,requires certain equipments like infusion holders, which may not be available at many hard-hit areas. The frail patients there have no choice but to hold the infusion bags by themselves. The assembly process is quite convenient and intelligible due to the well-designed dash lines on surrounding surfaces of the box.Users just need to unfold the cardboard box and cut along the dash lines to get two different cardboards.Assemble the two cardboards into one installation by inserting one to anther according to the slots. The cardboard boxes which normally function as medical supply carriers perform considerable potentials as their qualities of stiffness, flexibility and recyclability are revealed in the assembly process.Unlike the traditional ponderous infusion holder, our design offers better mobility and convenience which can be crucial in the infected areas.

Photo Credit: College Of Science &technology Ningbo Unviersity