2017 / Illumination / Outdoor lighting_IL / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Outdoor lighting
  • Company
    Ueberholz Gmbh, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Nico Ueberholz
  • Client
    Ueberholz Gmbh
  • Project Link

This street light has a special form. It comes from the
manufactory line Ueberholz new lighting.
Striking it is particularly elegant. It is flexible in its
Three basic versions are available: S1 L, M S1, S1 XS

S1 L
This manufactory street light has a basis a 5.50 m
It bent over in 30° angle and so it has the optimum
illumination angle for the roads.
For lighting 3 VDE T8 LED Tubes are used, branded by
Ueberholz new lighting. S1L is available in different
dimensions and wattages as needed.

Photo Credit: Ueberholz Gmbh