2017 / Illumination / Desk Lamps / Professional

Balance Lamp

  • Prizes
    Gold in Illumination/Desk Lamps
  • Company
    ND Lighting, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Nathalie Dewez
  • Client
    Nd Lighting
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The concept of the Balance desk lamp was born
out of a technical constraint. By using the
driver - inevitable in led lighting - as a
counter weight in the lower half, the
technical solution became the design of the
product. The result: a meandering,
minimalistic and elegant self-balancing
reading lamp without the need of any
obstructive base or inflexible fastening
system. The metal tube welcoming the electric
equipment presents a very simple visual
reading of the lamp which allows its
understanding and its immediate apprehension.
Available in orange, black, yellow and chrome.
Light source: 230 V – driver included -
Built-in LED strip - 7,2W – 450lm - Warm
white: 2700K – CRI > 80
W100 x H85 x D4 cm - Power cable: 2,5 m with
foot switch.

Photo Credit: Nd Lighting
Credits: www.ndlighting.be