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Aritco HomeLift

  • Prizes
    Gold in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Company
    Aritco Lift AB, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Alexander Lervik
  • Design Team
    Lervik Design AB is the external partner and main designer of designer of the Aritco HomeLift Aritco Lift AB is the owner and producer of the Aritco HomeLIft
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    To Build A New Product The Investment In New Tools, New Technology, New Design Solutions And New Material Has Been Very High For A Company Of The Size Of Aritco. To Develop The New Lift Aritco Has Invested Approximately 40 Msek. This Is Only Possible Because We Spent 3 Years In Understanding The Market, Consumers And Trends Going Forward. With All This New Knowledge Together With Our Technology From Making Lifts For 20 Years Back, We Feel Confident. During Q4 2016 We Started Our Full Production Of The 300 Units Sold During 2016. The Following Years We Forcast 1000 Units For 2017 And 1400 Units For 2018. As Our Margin (selling Price Minus Cost Of Material) Is Roughly 50% It Gives Us A Payback Within 2-3 Years. In The Beginning Of 2016 We Introduced The New Lift On The Market. First During Stockholm Design Week In Stockholm Together With Alexander Lervik At Nk Department Store. The Week After That We Presented It To Our Partners From All Over The World. During 2016 And Beginning Of 2017 We Have Also Shown The Lift At Several Exhibitions Over The World Such As; • Imm, The International Interiors Show In Cologne/germany • International Home And Accessories, Shanghai/ China • Home And Garden, Bangkok/thailand • Big Five, Jakarta/indonesia • Big Five, Riyadh/saudia Arabia • Home And Building, Uk During 2016 We Have Opened 11 New Showrooms Around The World Where Consumers Can See The New Lift And The Interest Has Been Very High. We Also Launched Our New Website Aritcohomelifts.com With Our New Liftguide (configure Your Own Lift) And The Traffic Has Increased With 100%. The Aritco Homelift Was 1 Out Of 5 Nominated For The Wallpaper Design Awards 2017 (category Best Domestic Design). We Truly Believe We Are At The Start Of An Exciting Journey.

The cooperation between Alexander Lervik
and Aritco Lift AB started 3 years ago.
Aritco’s market and trend research to
understand what to develop in the area of
new products had lead Aritco to start
developing a lift specially designed
for the home. At that moment Aritco realized
that they where put into a full new world of
behaviors and design, not things they where
fronted with in the normal lift industry.
Understanding that they where rather now a
part of the furniture, house and home design
world, they contacted Alexander who was
sparked by the idea of developing a new
lift. Since then this lift has been
developed in a tight collaboration between
Alexander and Aritco Lift, finding solutions
for design and technology combined.

Because Aritco HomeLift is customizable and
efficient design. It is the first lift that
is designed with the homeowner and the
private residence in focus. Thanks to
innovative engineering and a close
cooperation with the Swedish furniture and
interior designer Alexander Lervik the lift
is not only a problem solver, but real piece
of art in your home. With the Aritco
SmartLift app installed on your phone you
can easily set the lighting in the lift and
the DesignWall to fit your mode. The lift
will notify the homeowner, via the SmartLift
app, when service is needed. The Aritco
HomeLift with both safety and reliability in
focus; to meet all kinds of situations that
can occur in a home, as well as prevent
accidents. All safety is included in our
SmartSafety system. The Aritco HomeLift is
95% recyclable and has a lower energy
consumption than an average washing machine.

Photo Credit: Aritco Lift Ab
Credits: To build a new product the investment in new tools, new technology, new design solutions and new material has been very high for a company of the size of Aritco. To develop the new lift Aritco has invested approximately 40 MSEK. This is only possible because we spent 3 years in understanding the market, consumers and trends going forward. With all this new knowledge together with our technology from making lifts for 20 years back, we feel confident. During Q4 2016 we started our full production of the 300 units sold during 2016. The following years we forcast 1000 units for 2017 and 1400 units for 2018. As our margin (selling price minus cost of material) is roughly 50% it gives us a payback within 2-3 years. In the beginning of 2016 we introduced the new lift on the market. First during Stockholm Design Week in Stockholm together with Alexander Lervik at NK department store. The week after that we presented it to our partners from all over the world. During 2016 and beginning of 2017 we have also shown the lift at several exhibitions over the world such as; • IMM, The International Interiors show in Cologne/Germany • International Home and Accessories, Shanghai/ China • Home and Garden, Bangkok/Thailand • Big Five, Jakarta/Indonesia • Big Five, Riyadh/Saudia Arabia • Home and Building, UK During 2016 we have opened 11 new showrooms around the world where consumers can see the new lift and the interest has been very high. We also launched our new website aritcohomelifts.com with our new LiftGuide (configure your own lift) and the traffic has increased with 100%. The Aritco HomeLift was 1 out of 5 nominated for the Wallpaper Design Awards 2017 (category Best Domestic Design). We truly believe we are at the start of an exciting journey.