2017 / Office Equipment / Productivity Tools/Presentations / Professional

Felix Pro

  • Prizes
    Gold in Office Equipment/Productivity Tools/Presentations
  • Company
    Felixprinters, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Spark Design & Innovation
  • Design Team
  • Client
    Felix Printers
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DIY 3D printer becomes a professional.
The unique value propositions of the Felix
Brand are modularity, upgradeability and
accessibility. The Felix Pro has many
distinctive benefits which make it a desktop
printer for professional use. For the
ultimate easy-to-use experience, the print
bed features revolutionary mechanical
auto-leveling and a magnet-fix for easy
interchanging of print beds. Because Felix
sells globally, shipping size matters. We
introduced a tilting print bed mount, that
reduced the box size by 50%.

Hot innovations
Many innovations were introduced in the
extruder as well. All related to modularity,
upgradeability and ease-of-use. We developed
a hot-end mounting system that enables
hot-end replacement in just seconds. A
probing sensor has been integrated in the
hot-end, enabling auto-leveling of the bed.
And the dual head system includes a clever
nozzle retractor, resulting in problem-free
printing of multiple materials in one model.

Design evolution
The complete appearance of the Felix Pro is a
leap forward from the previous models, while
keeping the core values alive. Strengthening
brand image, emphasizing brand promises and
improving product quality. The integrated
electronics, the carefully hidden wiring and
the robust, continuous arc shape are the new
Felix Pro symbols for elegance.

Photo Credit: Felixprinters