2017 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Professional

Ovation 7.6

  • Company
    Ganz Boats GmbH, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Mathias Ganz
  • Design Team
    Davide Leone
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The GanzBoats Ovation 7.6
With its Ovation 7.6 Ganz has set an example.
An example of how a modern function driven
designed deck layout on a motorboat should
look like. Ganz wants to be different, but not
only different. The aim is to provide exiting,
relaxing, comfortable but safe days on water.
The Ovation 7.6 delivers despite its elegant
lines breathtaking driving pleasure even in
rough conditions. The opening stern allows
easy and fast boarding. With the full freedom
of movement on the one deck level and the
elegant stair to the fore deck it is a perfect
supporting vessel to any yacht.

Photo Credit: Ganz Boats Gmbh