2017 / Transportation / Auto/Truck/Mobile Home / Professional

Audi Cetus

  • Company
    Studio Niko Kapa, United Arab Emirates
  • Lead Designer
    Niko Kapa
  • Client
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Audi cetus is a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission city car,
designed to change everyday city travel. The idea was to
create a car for 2 people that will be likeable and fun, in an
effort to restore excitement to the experience of driving. A
playful conceptual exercise, truly embraces aerodynamics to
both reduce energy consumption and form part of a future
design aesthetic.

The smooth curves and streamlined shell mimics the
movement of a swimming fish, in an effort to corelate the
similarities of the hydrodynamic properties of marine creatures
with the aerodynamic performance of the car. This results to
an energetic and distinctive form that is formulated by the little
details such as the flow of the exterior shell.

The design is primarily concerned with the forces of drag and
lift, which are caused by air passing over and around the car
body in motion. The entire form that embraces the car’s
various elements combines functionality, quiet operation and
aerodynamic performance. Along with, it also adds to the
aesthetics of the vehicle and its exterior looks, leading to a
more dramatic change in overall appearance and performance
of a vehicle.

Characterized by soft lines and user friendly features, the
surface design flows with motion of the fluid around the body
that is made to run on the road. The low profile was developed
and customised extensively after ergonomic trials in order to
minimize the height of the car and subsequently the air
turbulence on the back.

The dynamics of the streamlined silhouette are further
emphasised by the natural smooth form that flows to give the
car a distinctive appearance. By incorporating this concept the
design becomes a more visual expression of the smooth flow
of air and this underlying order gives the car its character.

Niko Kapa is an award winning Architect, Industrial Designer and Researcher based in Dubai. He is the founder of Studio Niko Kapa, a multidisciplinary team that supports innovation using research as an integral part of the design process. The practice balances between architecture and product design, embracing the language of functionality, construction efficiency, and brand identity.

Other prizes
International Design Award, Gold Prize (Architecture-Landmarks), Los Angeles 2017 International Design Award, Gold Prize (Architecture-Conceptual) / Los Angeles 2017 International Design Award, Bronze Prize (Architecture-Sustainability) / Los Angeles 2017 International Design Award, Bronze Prize (Architecture-Institutional) / Los Angeles 2017 Red Dot Award, Shortlisted, Singapore 2017 Audi Innovation Award, 3rd Prize, Dubai 2017 AIA Emerging Professionals, Laureate, Washington, D.C. 2017 European Product Design Award, Platinum Prize (Transportation), Brussels 2017 European Product Design Award, Silver Prize (Home Interior Products), Brussels 2017 European Product Design Award, Honourable Mention (Interior Furniture), Brussels 2017 German Design Award, Special Mention, Frankfurt 2017 AIA Middle East Design Award, Merit Award, Cairo 2016 Spark International Award, Gold Prize, New York 2016 DAF Award, Shortlisted, New Delhi 2016 Iconic Award, Best of Best, Munich 2016 American Architecture Prize, Bronze Prize (Institutional Architecture) / New York 2016 Asia Architecture Award, 2nd Prize (Innovative Design), Austria 2016 DA Industrial Design Award, Winner, Italy 2016 RTF Sustainability Award, 1st Prize (Cultural Architecture), India 2016 RTF Sustainability Award, 1st Prize (Sports & Recreation Architecture), India 2016 RTF Sustainability Award, 3rd Prize (Mixed Use Architecture), India 2016 WAN Award, Longlist (Future Projects), United Kingdom 2016 A’ Design Award, Bronze Prize (Social Design), Italy 2016 Florim Exhib-it!, Finalist, Milan 2016 International Architecture Design Award, Silver Prize, Italy 2015 International Green Design Award, Silver Prize, Italy 2015 Future of Shade Competition, 1st Prize, New York 2015 A’ Design Award, Silver Prize (Futuristic Design), Italy 2015 Natural Systems Competition, Special Mention, New York 2013 Yamaha Xenter Design Award, Laureate 2012 WA Awards, Laureate 2010

Photo Credit: Studio Niko Kapa