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Sereno Planters

  • Company
    Frontier Polymers Pvt. ltd., India
  • Lead Designer
    Satish Gokhale
  • Design Team
    Yuvraj Singh Ahuja
  • Client
    Frontier Polymers Pvt Ltd
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    We Wanted To Make The Planter A Very Decorative Product And Further Illuminate It To Give A Warm Feeling And Generate Interest. The Chiara Planter Has An Internal Tube - Like A Spine, Which Drains Out The Excess Water In The Pot. This Tube Travels From The Potted Area Right To The Bottom. Special Additives Have Been Added To The Polymer To Make It Antistatic. This Helps In Easy Cleaning Of The Product In Indian Dusty Conditions. Stone Finish Texture Look Stunning. We Have Used Recycled Tetra Pack Waste To Mould Planters To Show Our Way To Sustainable Manufacturing. Chiara Is A Sculptural Planter Conceived To Be Highly Functional As Well As Beautiful, And Attest To Our Mastery Of New Synthetic Polymers And Moulding. Chiara Planters Come In 5 Different Sizes. Launched In Late 2013.

We required drastically different and contemporary design for
a new range of illuminated planters. It must have an “Indian”
context to it. It must be illuminated with LED lighting.The
sense of slowly being carved out from a single rock & yet
standing tall. The internal light emphasizes every detail of its
birth. Moulded from 100% recyclable PolyEthylene, UV
stabilized, non fading colours & use of energy efficient LED
lighting, makes these products truly Avant-garde. CHIARA
planter has a very clean design philosophy and helps in
experiencing nature and light. There is nothing like this in the
entire world….! Usually product made from Rotational moulding
follow simple designs and moulds. Here we have broken away
from the traditional and added a lot of character to the design
and alot of emphasis on newer techniques of mould making.
most planters are very dead to look at and are enhanced by
the plant.

SERENO - Italian for serene, calm and harmony. Add to this function, beauty and emotions - this is the philosophy of our brand. Sereno is engaged in design and manufacturing of polymer based planters, seating and lamps. Great emphasis is given on recyclability of polymers. Our products carry CE certification by TUV, Nord. Design language is very contempory and follows the path of contunous evolution.

Other prizes
2017 European product Design Award (Platinum), 2017 European product Design Award (Bronze), India Design Mark 2014, 2013-2014 Honorable mention Society of Plastics Engineers (USA), Confederation of Indian Industries Design Excellance Award 2013, Designnomics Award 2013

Photo Credit: Frontier Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Credits: We wanted to make the planter a very decorative product and further illuminate it to give a warm feeling and generate interest. The CHIARA planter has an internal tube - like a spine, which drains out the excess water in the pot. This tube travels from the potted area right to the bottom. Special additives have been added to the polymer to make it antistatic. This helps in easy cleaning of the product in indian dusty conditions. Stone finish texture look stunning. We have used recycled Tetra Pack waste to mould planters to show our way to sustainable manufacturing. Chiara is a sculptural planter conceived to be highly functional as well as beautiful, and attest to our mastery of new synthetic polymers and moulding. CHIARA planters come in 5 different sizes. Launched in late 2013.